At this moment, Freedom of Speech Publishing, Inc. is not accepting new authors as we are focusing on the authors that are currently working with us. If you have any questions about this, please email any questions to pklungle@freedomofspeechpublishing.com.

Freedom of Speech Publishing was formed as a grass-roots company by a group of authors and talent wanting a better solution. All of our owners got tired of how traditional publishing absorbs the work of the author and gives the author very little back for their efforts. We believe the work of the author should be rewarded with better paying royalties and better treatment! So, we are the Zen of publishing, the calm place for the author to create and the customer to enjoy.

Our philosophy is to allow the author to do what he or she does best, write books.  We want the authors that work with us to change the world one book at a time.  We will do the rest.  We’ll put the book in the right format, market it to the right person, and at the right time so the reader can benefit from an outstanding product.  We want to enchant the author so they can, in turn, enchant the reader.

We are not a publisher that will be asking for money from you up front to publish your work of art. We get that question a lot. We’re here for you and to help you get your work out there and for sale. If you have any questions, send us a message. Or email us at newauthor@fospub.com. We want to hear from you.

We want to thank Robert Wilson for inviting us to his radio show Cowboy Wisdom NLP Radio. We spent 30 minutes discussing the internal philosophies of Freedom of Speech Publishing and how we really focus on the authors we work with. Thank you again, Mr. Wilson. It was a pleasure being on your show.

Here is a link to the show on July 27, 2012. Girard and Patrick on Freedom of Speech Publishing

We have recently supported:

3 on 3 for Cancer Free. It was well run and very well organized. Great job!

The Gifted Learning Project. It is a great group helping others with special needs kids.

If you would like more information about products and services provided by Freedom of Speech Publishing, tell us your name and email address and we’ll be in touch soon!

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