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“The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan” Delivers Belly Laughs by Finding Humor in Everyday Life


Book Featuring Old and New Material from Barry Hemmerle’s Vegas Comedy Show Promises Chuckles from Beginning to End


LAS VEGAS, NV There is comedy in every aspect of life: family, relationships, work, kids…and “The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan” (adult content), published by Freedom of Speech Publishing, illustrates that with every page turn. The new book features old and new material from Barry Hemmerle’s comedy performances and guarantees laughs for everyone. If you can answer yes to the following questions: Is your family insane? Did you celebrate your divorce more than your wedding? Do you hate your job?  Then, this book is for you.

“So I’m on stage, in Vegas, doing my act and this older fella is sitting up front. After every punch line, he’d say, “Huh, what was that?” and I’d repeat the punch line. After a while of this, I told him I’d write a book of my act and he can read it. He laughed and said he’d buy it. So did about a dozen people in the audience… DING!”

Some hilarious topics include:

 “The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan” is available on as a paperback and also as an e-book .

Praise for “The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan”:

“It does what a funny adult book should do, make you laugh. Great stuff; you can tell he worked out his stick doing his Vegas show and knows what works to make you laugh...good job”…Amazon review

If you like to laugh then this is the book for you...It’s like being at a comedy club, but it all comes together in a story.....Some parts are for adults only, but that makes it even better....I had a really good time reading this book”…Amazon review

About the Author:

Barry Hemmerle, a friend of Tim Allen before Mr. Allen became famous, was a bouncer at a comedy club in the mid-1980s. Mr. Allen suggested that Barry take a stab at comedy and by his second show, the club manager thought Barry was good enough to M.C. Using the name Barry Von, he worked the east coast sharpening his style of sarcastic wit. Besides jokes, Barry would break beer bottles over his head or let audience members rub a spot on his temple for good luck (a bullet someone put there over the beating Barry gave him as a teen).

For more information:

Barry Hemmerle (Buffalo Morgan) is available for interview. Please contact Patrick Klungle at or (815) 290-9605 to request a copy of the book for review or to request an interview.