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Special Needs
Down Syndrome
Thyroid Disease, Grave’s Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism
Celiac / Coeliac Disease
Organic Farming
Early Learning for Kids

Special Needs

FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR SPECIAL NEEDS – No matter what the age or disability, parents of children with special needs have many serious questions about how best to provide for their child’s future well-being. We realize that you face unusually difficult planning decisions regarding the welfare of your child. The most important of these is probably how to prepare for your child to apply for SSI or SSDI, maintain benefits, wade through the difficult decision of guardianship or durable powers and to provide for ongoing care financially and physically after your death.

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SENSORY INTEGRATION STRATEGIES DVD – Why can’t Johnny sit still? Why does Jane spit out her food? Why is Jack so rough? Why does John grind his teeth? It’s called Sensory Integration or Sensory Processing. Although everyone processes sensory information, we interpret sensory information differently from one another.

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Down Syndrome

DAKOTA’S PRIDE – Dakota’s Pride is a heartwarming documentary about a father’s search for the truth about Down Syndrome. Tough questions are posed to and answered by a noted Harvard Physician, and parents of children with Down Syndrome. The answers are surprising and inspiring. In addition to being informative, this documentary celebrates the successes that have been and can be achieved by individuals with Down Syndrome. Dakota’s Pride has been aired on PBS and is a must see for anyone. This family friendly director’s cut has 45 minutes of bonus track footage and ten extra minutes of running time.

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Dakota’s Pride Theme Songs – From the outstanding Movie Dakota’s Pride. You get the Theme Songs +Plus five never heard before songs. All 5 songs are Christian based songs. Wrote and performed by the Director of the movie, Rustin Hamilton.

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ADHD & ADD 101 – Information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Learn firsthand from someone who has overcome ADHD. This ebook includes many of the techniques and tips used to overcome this learning disability, enabling individuals to become successful and fulfilled in the school, work, and home environment.

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Thyroid Disease, Grave’s Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

All about Thyroid Disease, Graves’ disease, Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism – Learn everything you need to know about Thyroid Disease, Graves’ disease, Hyperthyroidism, and Hypothyroidism. Easy to understand information and answers the top questions most people have on this timely topic.

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Celiac / Coeliac Disease

Celiac / Coeliac Disease & 101 on Gluten Free – This ebook answers the top 20+ questions on Celiac Disease & Gluten free eating. You will also find current articles and helpful information. Find out what you or your loved ones must do to protect yourself from long-term damage caused by Celiac Disease. Nothing too wordy, just the fast informative answers you need on Celiac and Gluten.

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Organic Farming

Day On The Organic Farm – DVD “Day on the Organic Farm” – Learn how to grow organic.
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1. About Organic 2. Understanding Trees 3. Solar Energy 4. Foraging by Native Americans 5. Composting 6. Planting by the Sister 7. Organic Farming 8. Green Architecture 9. Organic Cooking

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Learn About Green gardening, Green Architecture, Native Americans foraged for food, Trees, Composting, Planting by the Sisters, Organic Farming, Solar Energy and more. – This is a transcript of the award wining DVD, Day on the Organic Farm. It includes over 60 pages of information on: bee keeping, understanding trees and the role they play in energy conservation, green architecture, foraging for food, solar energy year round, composting, organic farming, Planting by the Sisters, and organic cooking. Learn about the many ways you can improve the health of your body.

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Dehydrator Delights DVD – Noreen Jo Thomas has a bachelor of Science degree in food and Nutrition and Microbiology. Noreen also teaches classes throughout the US. Thomas is a speaker, educator, and is post-laurete of the University of Minnesota’s prestigious Siehl Award. She has also received Disney’s highest award for community service for community gardens on her family Farm.

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(Soft Cover Book) Dehydrator Delights – Over 76 recipes are analyzed for fat, sodium, and calories and cholesterol to help maintain or improve your health goals. You’ll find nutritional and tasty foods such as apple bread, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce and jerky. And you can make a wonderful snack of dried apples for just pennies when you use a food dehydrator. You can save 50 to 90 percent compared to commercially purchased foods when you use Dehydrate Delights.

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(eBook) Dehydrator Delights, A practical guide to dehydrating food & dehydrating recipes – This award-winning book offers food safety tips and mouth-watering recipes. It also includes step-by-step directions for drying foods, and over 76 recipes to make from the dried foods such as casseroles, cakes, and healthy roll-ups. Dehydrator delights enable you to prepare healthy and delicious foods year round for a fraction of the costs of commercial foods… you can save 50 to 90 percent.

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Early Learning for Kids

SIGNING BIBLE SONGS – Great Tool/Educational resource for Parents, Teacher, Daycare, Preschool, Schools, Churches and Nurseries. This is our second in the series of signing songs. This DVD, which is more advanced than our previous production, features an introduction to advance signing of Christian songs for children, including children with special needs. The DVD Program, developed by a BCMT (Board Certified Music Therapist), includes music and movement enjoyed by all children.

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Signing Songs – Great Tool/Educational resources for Parnets, Teacher,Daycare, Preschool, Schools and Nurseries. Introduction to signing songs for babies or children with special needs. Works for all babies/children, music and movement for all. Developed by a BCMT (Board Certified Music Therapist).

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English Grammar, Punctuation and Capitalization. – The How to Grammar Page includes over 38 pages of information. Refresh your English/Grammar skills and read everything from the rules of English and Grammar to correct punctuation and capitalization. Easy to understand examples for each topic are also included to help explain each rule properly.

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