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We find great Authors and give them the freedom to be awesome.

Every one of our authors is involved in the production process of their work of art. We want and need your input and feedback on any aspect you want to be involved in. Topics like the cover design, the editing process, the web pages, social marketing, and where you want to see your book marketed at.

Our marketing team gives our authors’ books their full attention. We function as a team to make sure every author is involved in setting up book signing events, media coverage, and book reviews. We believe the author has the most important role in marketing their book and should be involved.

As well as releasing your book as a traditional paper book, we can release it as an audio book, audio book download (from partners like and Apple’s iTunes Store) and eBook’s like Kindle and Nook. We give your book the best chance for success by simultaneously releasing it in a variety of formats.

Freedom of Speech Publishing does not take every project submitted. We are interested in you as an author and want you to succeed. With the amount of time and resources that Freedom of Speech Publishing pours into each project, we have to be selective with the projects we work on. We want your book to be a success! Freedom of Speech Publishing is growing and we want you to grow with us.

Freedom of Speech Publishing was formed from authors wanting a better publishing solution. All of our owners have published at least one book and found that traditional publishing absorbs the work of the author and gives the author very little back. The book rights now belonged to the publisher. The majority of the royalties were also going to the publisher. We believe the work of the author should be rewarded with better paying royalties.

At Freedom of Speech Publishing, we believe your work of art is your work of art. If you are interested in learning more, scroll down and email us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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