My name is Barry Hemmerle. I was a bouncer at a comedy club in the mid 1980’s. Before Tim Allen broke through, we hung out together and he suggested I take a stab at comedy. After my second show, the manager thought I was good enough to M.C. Using the name Barry Von, I worked the east coast sharpening my style of sarcastic wit. Besides jokes, I’d occasionally break beer bottles over my head or let audience members rub a spot on my temple for good luck. It’s a bullet someone put there over the beating I gave him as a teen.

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  1. barryhemmerle says:

    Second book should be coming soon. I have a great video coming for both books. Wrote a great piece for book III last night. What a great job writing is

  2. barryhemmerle says:

    Mapping out my entertainment future for 2013. I can’t remember the last time the future thrilled me. Everyone should do something they love to do everyday. Besides Buffalo Morgan III, I’m also working on a novel of short stories of horror. That will be BIG. Have a great day..

  3. barryhemmerle says:

    Book II should be out very soon. The title is,”Buffalo Morgans’ Chronicles from the Asylum.” Book III is coming along great. Lots of fire. That title is,” Buffalo Morgans’ Sowing the Sacred Seeds of Sanity.” What a great job…

  4. barryhemmerle says:

    Things are going great for Book III. I am having to much fun writing it. I have so many ideas for the future of my books.

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